FAMILY + AMBITION = Fambition ®

We would love to hear your story.

The factors that go into your decision to go back to work or stay home. How do you decide? Is it a decision?

Your story of returning to work after having had your bundle of joy and the so called balancing act of building and caring for your wonderful new family and your ambition to grow as  a working woman.  

Have you had to prioritize one over the other? Has your employer assumed that your family is your new priority and therefore your ambition is dwindling? At least for now! Has your manager pretended nothing has changed? Or have you been treated fairly? Have you been given extra responsibilities? A promotion? A salary increase? A commitment to support you?

 Have you had to fight for your career or battle it out for your family?

 And where do you go for support? Who do you talk to, what groups have you joined, who has made this stage in your life, just a stage in your life?

We want to help employers understand how to bring you back to work celebrating the growth of your family with your ambition intact. 

Tell us your story (750 words or less) and we will help your employers make it easier for the next generation of new moms returning back to work keep their fambition┬«  intact.